The MultiTex Real Estate Investment Fund

Get a unique opportunity to invest in Texas with the MultiTex Real Estate Investment Fund!

The rEnergize MultiTex Real Estate Fund is a dual-country private investment fund.  It is designed for Canadian and Foreign Investors who want to diversify their portfolio by investing in real estate in the US.

As a Foreign Investor, it can be difficult to invest in Texas on your own if you have no prior real estate experience and no contacts, especially on this scale.

We provide a turnkey, hands-off investment solution led by a collective of experienced investment professionals with a proven successful track record of 40+ years in Texas real estate!

The rEnergize MultiTex Team

With our fund you :

  • Benefit from trusted partners in Texas
  • Save time and effort finding the right properties
  • Avoid making mistakes or being taken advantage of
We focus on 5 key Texas location : Austin, Dallas Fort Worth, 
Houston, San Antonio.

Our Target Market 

The rEnergize MultiTex fund focuses on multifamily rental properties located in four key metropolitan areas in Texas.

  • Austin
  • Dallas / Fort Worth
  • Houston
  • San Antonio

We chose to invest in multifamily real estate in Texas because it is a historically proven and resilient asset class that can deliver both wealth generation and capital preservation. 

Our Investment Strategy

Our team of experts identifies investment opportunities on underperforming B and C multifamily asset classes in our target locations. After acquisition, we implement our Value-Add Strategy to increase revenue, bring down costs and increase profit.

After five years, the investment properties are disposed of, creating a double-digit return for investors. During the five year term, any surplus rental income is distributed to investors when feasible.

Our value-add strategy : renovating interiors

The Benefits of Investing in a Private Investment Fund 

A private real estate investment fund is a hands-off, turnkey investment for those looking to invest in real estate without taking part in daily management activities. It is a great way to generate passive income and diversify your investment portfolio. A private fund is powerful investment vehicle, that provides better opportunities for investors because of broker relations, agility, and capacity to close and move fast.

Some of the benefits include:

Why Choose a Private Investment Fund 

The MultiTex Investment Fund Structure

When you invest in the MultiTex Real Estate Investment Fund, you will become a Limited Partner. 

Limited Partners (LPs): roles and responsibilities

  • As Limited Partners (LPs), you are shareholders and owners of the properties
  • You own shares in a Limited Partnership (LP)
  • The properties are fully owned by the Limited Partnership (LP)
  • You have no responsibility in the day-to-day management of the fund or the properties
  • You have the peace of mind of a turnkey, hands off investment

General Partner (GP): roles and responsibilities

  • The General Partner (GP) acts on behalf of the LP (whose members are the LPs)
  • The GP is an expert team striving to reach high performance for its partners
  • The GP has a fiduciary responsibility toward the LPs
  • The GP acquires, holds, and disposes of investments
  • The GP manages the fund and the properties
  • The GP manages risk and is liable for debts

Transparency and Governance

Safe and trustworthy relationship between the GP and LPs are essential! We have several measures in place to ensure transparency for investors at each stage of the investment process.

  • An investment committee composed of consulting experts (not owners in real estate) checks that each asset meets the fund’s criteria before acquisition
  • We provide frequent updates to investors via a newsletter and on our online portal
  • An online web portal enables investors and auditors to access a broad range of accounting and financial performance reports, risk analytics and portfolio data
  • Investors are welcome to contact our board members with any questions

Risk Management

The General Partner (GP) team has an extensive experience in risk management, having navigated various crashes and crisis since the 1980s whilst still outperforming the market.

This was achieved due to constant tracking of the situations and their evolutions, and the efficient day-to-day involvement in operations.

The rEnergize MultiTex Team

Our Approach

It’s essential for us to create wealth “the right way,” by investing in an ethical, socially responsible, and sustainable manner.

We aim to create prosperity and wellbeing for everyone involved in our fund: our investors, our residents, and our employees, and this is reflected in everything we do.   

Why Invest in Multifamily Properties in Texas?

One of the most stable segments of the housing market

High demand for workforce-level housing in Texas

Huge workforce that is constantly increasing

Current rental rates are lower than national metropolitan levels

High potential for Value-Add and rent increase

Historically high occupancy rates even in times of crisis

Recession and inflation-resistant income

Asset diversification with multiple properties in different cities

Invest in Texas Real Estate with us

Looking to diversify your portfolio and generate passive income with a turnkey, hand-off investment?

Become a partner in the rEnergize MultiTex Real Estate Investment Fund and become the owner of several real estate assets in Texas.

Please note: The rEnergize MultiTex real estate investment fund is for accredited investors only.

A multifamily home in Dallas,Texas