Julie Bonapace

Director of Investor Relations and Media

Julie Bonapace

Julie has 30+ years of international experience as a scientific researcher, author, and trainer in the area of natural childbirth.

She is the inventor of the Bonapace Method, a technique to relieve pain during childbirth using neurophysiological and hormonal mechanisms.

She is the author of the book “Trusting Birth With the Bonapace Method: Keys to Loving your Birth Experience” which is published in English, French, Italian and Spanish. She has also published several practical guides for both healthcare professionals and expecting parents.

Julie has trained thousands of health care providers such as gynecologists, obstetricians, midwives and doulas in 15 different countries, covering 4 continents on the best way to create a safe and respectful environment for childbirth. She has inspired and empowered thousands of families and health providers worldwide.

She was the leader of a multidisciplinary research team involving scientists from many countries and published guidelines on behalf of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC), which benefit all Canadian hospitals.

Julie has experience in construction and skills in planning and building custom houses based on new environmental approaches such as passive high energy efficiency. She has also acquired skills in carpentry, plumbing, electricity, landscaping. She is a valuable asset in the value-add field through green practices and social community measures.

Julie’s greatest asset is her creativity and ability to solve complex problems by thinking out of the box. Julie loves being of service and empowering people in reaching their goals. She is an expert in communication, marketing and a top-notch analyst.

Julie’s passion is extreme sports adventures, kite surfing and rock climbing. 

Education and certifications

Julie Bonapace holds a Master’s Degree in Education and two Bachelors’ Degrees in Social Science and Social Work and is an Accredited Mediator, Researcher and Author.

During her Master’s Degree, she chose to be involved in a high-profile research lab in pain management with an international recognized scientist.

She is Certified in « Design du bâtiment écologique » and is a project leader in environmental housing construction and green practices.