Dany Bonapace

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Dany Bonapace

Dany has 30+ years of international real estate development and management experience. 

Dany is the CEO of Société Immobilière Bonapace Inc. which develops and operates premium real estate assets in the residential, commercial, industrial and office space sectors at national and international level, with a holistic and innovative approach.

Dany is a real estate owner and manager of a portfolio of properties in Canada and the US and has been involved in multifamily real estate acquisitions in Texas since 2010.

He is an expert in energy optimization for commercial and industrial real estate. He was involved in the development of artificial intelligence software, aimed at significantly improving energy efficiency while lowering related costs.

Dany is a local leader and environmental activist striving to improve the health of his community by fighting industrial pollution with heavy toxic metals. He is also on several boards of economic development in his community and an advisor on climate action for politicians at the municipal, provincial, and federal level who seek his advice on a regular basis.

Dany and his wife Mélanie are fervent defenders of animal rights and have created a sanctuary for abandoned and ill-treated horses on their ranch and a safe haven for wild animals on their property in northern Québec.

Dany’s greatest asset is his resiliency and capacity to define roadmaps and navigate these with humanity and determination. His deep desire is to contribute to creating a better world for all.  He is recognized as a caring and attentive person in all aspects of his personal and professional life. Dany is an expert strategist and innovative thinker.

Dany’s passion is extreme sports adventures, kite surfing and tending to his ranch. 

Education and certifications

Dany graduated with a Bachelor in financing and entrepreneurship from the Hautes Études Commerciales Finances.

He is a Compagnon Charpentier-Menuisier and has a General Contractor Licence from la Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ).

Dany has a Private Pilot’s Licence.