Investing in Multifamily Properties in the Texas Real Estate Market

The rEnergize MultiTex Market

We invest in multifamily properties in the Texas real estate market because it is a stable and durable investment, with a high potential for wealth creation.

We have extensive experience in the Texas commercial real estate market, with 40+ years of history in Texas. We typically obtain above market returns, even in times of crisis.

Real Estate, the Most Stable Asset in the World

We chose real estate as our investment vehicle because it is one of the most stable and secure assets in the world. The current investment climate is volatile due to geopolitical instability, inflation, and devaluation of the Canadian dollar.

With the stock market, the value fluctuates constantly based on the news and on people’s emotions. With a real-estate fund, on the contrary, you have a real, hard asset with leases and tenants, so you can leverage inflation to your benefit and still see the value of your investment rise.

The Advantages of Investing in a Real Estate Fund

  • Investment properties are a tangible asset
  • Value based on the asset, not on emotion
  • Potential for value appreciation
  • Increase in value, even during inflation
  • Competitive risk-adjusted returns
  • Portfolio diversification

Texas, one of the Strongest Real Estate Markets in the US

The Texas real estate market is very strong and is in constant growth due to people and businesses moving there from other US states.

In Texas, there is also less administrative burden or red tape compared to other states and an absence of rent control. This makes it one of the best places to invest in real estate in the US.

8 Reasons to Invest in Texas

9th largest economy in the world (bigger than Canada’s)

The largest energy-producing state in the US

The highest population growth in the US in 2022, mostly from other states

Home to 54 Fortune 500 companies

A leading destination for companies relocating from other states

More than 14 million people in the labour force

Free market and tax advantages

No personal and low corporate state income tax

Texas Multifamily “Workforce” Housing, a Stable and Secure Asset

We have chosen to invest in Texas multifamily real estate because it is a historically proven resilient asset class that can deliver both wealth generation and capital preservation. 

Because of the increase in interest rates, added constraints on borrowers from financial institutions, and a limited supply of single-family homes available for sale, the demand for rental properties is constantly increasing, especially for apartment units.

We focus on high potential multifamily class B and C workforce properties in metro suburban ring areas in Austin, Dallas / Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

With location diversification we have better investment opportunities with a greater selection of properties for acquisition, while helping mitigate risk.

Multifamily real estate

As far as in the multifamily, we have anywhere from 50 to 500 leases and depending on the size of the product, that’s a lot of diversification of risk.

Greg Nelson, CIO

Why invest in Multifamily Real Estate in Texas?

One of the most stable segments of the housing market

High demand for workforce-level housing in Texas

Huge workforce that is constantly increasing

Current rental rates are lower than national metropolitan levels

High potential for value-add and rent increase

Historically high occupancy rates even in times of crisis

Recession and inflation-resistant income

Asset diversification with multiple properties in different cities

The Advantages for Real Estate Investors

Good property management, selection of residents and the culture of the properties favour the payment of rents, even in times of crisis.

Want to Invest With Us?

The rEnergize MultiTex investment fund is a turnkey investment for Canadians and Foreign Nationals.

Would you like to become a real estate investor, own a portfolio of multifamily properties in Texas, and get a profitable return on your investment?

Please note: The rEnergize MultiTex real estate investment fund is for accredited investors only.

A multifamily investment property in Texas