Our Multifamily Investment Strategy

The MultiTex investment fund focuses on Texas multifamily real estate.

We have extensive experience in US commercial real estate investment (mainly in Texas), and 35 years in business as an accredited asset management company.

Our efficient and proven strategic process is designed to maximise the value of the properties. This benefits both investors and residents, ensuring a positive outcome for all involved.

Our Winning Process

We identify investment opportunities on underperforming multifamily assets in key Texas locations. After acquisition we implement our Value-Add Strategy to increase revenue, bring down costs and increase profits.

After five years, the investment properties are disposed of, creating a double-digit return for investors. During the term, any rental income in excess of the needed cash flow is distributed to investors when feasible.

Our investment strategy

1. We find the best possible properties at the right price

In years 1 and 2, we raise funds and acquire properties that meet our investment criteria.

  • We Search on and off-market properties
  • We Analyze potential and choose the right fit
  • We Buy at the right conditions

Possible cash distribution: Rental income surplus

2. We implement the Value-Add Strategy and create wellbeing

We then create value by implementing our value-add strategy and creating wellbeing for our residents.

  • We Optimize management and operations
  • We Renovate and improve properties
  • We Innovate by implementing green practices

Possible cash distribution: Rental income surplus

3. We increase income, reduce expenses and retain our tenants

In years 2,3 and 4, we stabilize, lease-up and refinance properties.

  • We Care for our residents by providing safe homes and creating a community
  • We Manage the properties and improve tenant retention
  • We Thrive by attracting new tenants at higher rental rates

Possible cash distribution: Rental income surplus and refinance proceeds when feasible

4. We increase profitability and create prosperity

In year 5, we dispose of our portfolio of properties at optimum conditions, principal to principal or through third-party brokerage.

  • We Market the properties at the best time
  • We Negotiate the selling price for maximized returns
  • We Sell the properties at the best price

Cash distribution: Disposition proceeds

Our investment criteria

We identify investment opportunities in underperforming multifamily class B and C properties located in four key metropolitan areas of the State of Texas: Austin, Dallas / Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

We make investment decisions based on clear acquisition criteria:

We diversify our properties on all of the above criteria to mitigate risk.

Our Investment Value-Add Strategy 

Immediately after the acquisition we implement a value-add strategy to reduce costs, increase rental revenue, and increase profits.

The goal is to bring the acquired properties to income-producing levels to achieve reversion that will meet our expected return targets.

Our Proposed Green Practices 

  • Energy-efficient technologies or Smart building technologies: lighting system converted to led, optimized heat and cooling systems, smart thermostats, home automation and timers, shades…
  • Low consumption appliances: refrigerators, dishwashers, washer-dryers, lamps, electric ovens…
  • Energy generation: Installation of solar panels on rooftops where possible.
  • Water conservation: installation of water-saving appliances: low flow kitchen and bathroom faucets, low-flow showerheads, dual-flush toilets…  
  • Education and information: Educating residents about green practices, energy consumption and impact on their energy bills and the environment. 
Our proposed green practices

For tenants, this results in lower utility costs, and makes a real difference at the end of the month.

For real estate investors, this results in lower operating costs, a higher NOI (Net Operating Income), a higher occupancy rate, and an increase in property value.

Benefits for our Investors and Residents

Our investment strategy is designed to create prosperity and wellbeing for everyone involved in our fund. 

Benefits for our investors

  • Superior expected risk-adjusted returns: Leverage inflation and climate change to increase return on investment. Access to exclusive deals in major Texas metropolitan areas  
  • Value creation: Proven track record repositioning properties, resulting in rent growth, and NOI (Net Operating Income) efficiency thus exponentially increasing property value
  • Currency diversification: US $ cash flow generating assets for Canadian or foreign investors
  • Strong governance: Robust real estate record in Texas, due diligence, and transparency at each stage of the process
  • A sustainable investment: Doing your part for the preservation of the environment and creating a better future for our children

Benefits for our residents

  • Improved quality of life: Safe and secure homes and affordable rents at alluring and convenient locations
  • Utility savings: Energy efficiency plans and designs aimed at achieving residents’ savings on utility bills
  • Efficient property management: Help and support when they need it, property managed by one of the largest property management companies in Texas
  • A sense of community and belonging: Community spirit and access to social spaces and events
  • Sustainable living: Contributing through their actions in creating a better future for their children

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Please note: The rEnergize MultiTex real estate investment fund is for accredited investors only.

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