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For Canadian & Foreign Investors who want to invest in a real estate fund in the US.

Become a Partner in a Real Estate Investment in Texas!

You want to invest your hard-earned money and get great returns so you can attain financial freedom for yourself and your family? Become a partner in the rEnergize MultiTex Real Estate Fund!

The rEnergize MultiTex real estate fund is a dual-country investment fund designed specifically for Canadian & Foreign Investors who want to invest in the US. Our fund focuses on multifamily properties in Texas, one of the strongest and most profitable real estate markets in the US.

For investors, this is a fantastic opportunity!

Our market: the Texas real estate market

Why Invest in Multifamily Real Estate in Texas?

Real estate is the most stable asset in the world. Sixty percent of the word’s wealth is in real estate!

We chose to invest in Texas because it is the 9th largest economy in the world and the state is booming, outperforming every other US state! The real estate market is very strong in Texas due to a rise in both businesses and people moving there from other states.

We chose to focus on multifamily real estate because it is both stable and sustainable, as population growth and the increase in interest rates creates more demand for rental properties.

It is a recession and inflation proof investment for the savvy real estate investor!

Our Investment Strategy

We identify investment opportunities on underperforming class B and C multifamily assets, and immediately after acquisition we implement our Value-Add Strategy to increase revenue, bring down costs and increase profit.

After 5 years, the investment properties are disposed of, creating the potential for a double-digit return for investors. During the term, any rental income in excess of the needed cash flow is distributed to investors.

Value-Add Strategy

High potential multifamily properties

Enhance management and operations

Improve building and property

Implement Green practices

Principal to principal or third party brokerage

Why Invest in our Real Estate Investment Fund?

The MultiTex fund is a dual country investment fund designed to facilitate US real estate investing for Canadians and Foreign Nationals. It is a turnkey investment: we take care of everything for you! You get to be part of an elite team of investors, and we invest right along with you!

When you invest with us, you get:

The peace of mind of a turnkey, hands-off real estate investment in Texas

A passive income with the potential for two-digit returns on your investment

Diversification of your investment portfolio with multiple real estate assets in Texas

A multidisciplinary team with 40+ years of experience in Texas real estate

Due diligence and transparency throughout the process

We strive for a positive impact on the community and the environment!

Who we are

rEnergize is a real estate investment fund based in Canada and the US. We are a collective of seasoned real estate professionals with extensive experience in acquisition, optimization, management and disposition of multifamily workforce properties. We have a robust track record in the US, mainly in Texas.

As a team, we have:

“We follow our criteria for success… We’re going to buy the right property for the right reasons, for the right investors. I’m here to make you money and keep you out of trouble.”

– Dusty Wolf – CSO

Want to Invest in Real Estate in Texas?

Do you want to be part of an elite team of real estate investors and own a portfolio of commercial properties in Texas? Are you looking to make money with a great return on your investment?

Please note: The rEnergize MultiTex real estate investment fund is for accredited investors only.

A multifamily investment property in Texas